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The first EURIAC project meeting

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Radius College, Breda, The Netherlands in mid October, 2011.

After having worked hard last year with the application to the Leonardo da Vinci-programme, Transfer of Innovation, it was wonderful getting all project partners together for a first meeting and joint discussions. Expectations were high and it was interesting to get to know each other and talk about everybody’s hopes for the project.  

- One of our goals is to learn more about ECVET, says Annejet Goede, Policy Advisor at ROC West-Brabant in the Netherlands, one of the eight partners in the project. There are several reasons why we want to learn more about ECVET. To start with, we want to increase the quality of mobility opportunities for our students at Radius College, i.e. our students will study and do work placement for a few weeks abroad in industrial automation.

- ECVET is based on learning outcomes and not on curricula (learning input). The Dutch VET (Vocational Education and Training) system is developing towards an output based system instead of input. Within the EURIAC project our organisation can test to what extend we already comply with the European learning outcomes approach and see what the added value is for our students, Annejet sums up.

Three days of meeting passed quickly when the agenda is filled with interesting and important issues! The next meeting will take place the 27th – 29th of March in Jakobstad, Finland. Until then plenty of things will happen!  First out is a questionnaire to the industry about industrial automation.

Tour at college

The EURIAC project will organise international student mobility based on the ECVET principles. (The European Credit system for Vocational Education and Training) That means that our students will study eight weeks of their industrial automation classes in Spain, Sweden, Finland and the Netherlands. When they return to their home institute their learning outcomes will be recognised as part of their formal training.

If you want to know more about the EURIAC project, please contact the Project leader Pernilla Öhberg, pernilla.ohberg@kungsbacka.se, phone +46-300-833554.

If you want to know more about the ROC West-Brabant, please contact Annejet Goede, a.goede@rocwb.nl, phone +31 651391019.

If you want to know more about the questionnaire to the industry about industrial automation please contact Guido Walt, Wear-Management, guido.walt@wear-management.ch, phone +41 21 701 05 13.