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Final conference for the EURIAC project

The final conference of the EURIAC project was a successful event and was attended by participants from several European countries and several types of organisations.

The aim of the conference was to share the results from the project and to promote internationalisation as a way to improve vocational education and training.

Louis Georgy, one of the guests enjoying the conference.

The variety of guests does show the importance of the development of student mobilities, ECVET and the transparency of European vocational education and training.

The conference took place the 19th of September at Elof Lindälvs gymnasium in Kungsbacka, Sweden.

Head speakers for the day were:

  • Per Ödman, Chairman of Municipal Executive Committee, welcomed all guests to Kungsbacka and emphasised the values of international cooperation
  • Kent Johansson, member of the European Parliament, spoke about Increased mobility - a European necessity
  • Dr Christiane Eberhardt, BIBB, provided an Introduction to ECVET and the development in Europe
  • Bengt Landfeldt, the Swedish Council for Higher Education, spoke about the ECVET process in Sweden
  • Pernilla Öhberg, project manager, and Andréas Mårtensson, lead partner, presented the Results from the EURIAC project

Pernilla Öhberg, project manager, and Andréas Mårtensson, lead partner presenting the results.

After lunch there were three parallel workshops:

  • How to create units of learning outcomes
  • How to organize international mobility
  • Erasmus+ New opportunities to EU-funded European collaboration & mobility

Because of the great interest in the experience from the teachers and the students, a panel discussion was organised with the possibility to ask them questions about their experiences from participating in the EURIAC project.

Panel discussion with Daniel Pettersson, Ivar Wikenstedt, Kenneth Karlsson, Christian Dahlin, Xabier Ugarte and Ad Stam.

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For further information about the conference, please contact:

Andréas Mårtensson
Kungsbacka kommun, Sweden
Telephone: +46 300 834199

Pernilla Öhberg
Elof Lindälvs gymnasium, Sweden
Telephone: +46 709 921035