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Construction of vocational training units step by step

Group picture
Will this student from Optima participate in our units in automation? VET teachers at Optima, as well as the other VET teachers, are thinking about how to elect the students who will participate in the mobilities.


At the end of 2011 The EURIAC project sent out a questionnaire to a wide range of industries in order to define modern competence profiles in automation. At the second project meeting, held in Finland, the project partner Guido Walt, Wear Management, presented a chart with the result.

Based on the result from the Market Analysis, the VET teachers and the representatives from the industry together decided, that the four training units of Learning Outcomes will cover the fields below. The units correlate to the competences most asked for by the industry.

VET Units in industrial automation






Responsible partner


Time for mobility


Unit A


Working with FMS (Flexible Manufacturing System)


Politeknika Ikastegia Txorierri, S Coop. Ltda


24th of September – 5th of October 2012
(Week 39 - 40)


Unit B


Working with motor controllers


Radius College
The Netherlands


19th  -  30th  of November 2012
(Week 47 and 48)


Unit C


Working with analogue signals


Optima Samkommun


14th of January – 25th of January 2013
(Week 3 and 4)


Unit D


Working with safety systems


Elof Lindälvs gymnasium


 11th – 22nd of March
(Week 11 and 12)


Units take form

During a work shop in Finland, ten of the project participants started formulating the prerequisites for each unit and started filling them with work tasks.

It is of great importance to use the right vocabulary and the correct verbs since every work task and Learning Outcome and must be understandable to the industry. The Work Package Leader Debbie van Iersel, Radius College, establish that:

- Using the correct terminology was a difficulty.

Learning the ECVET principals must therefore be a parallel process and the EURIAC project has a source of ECVET knowledge in the BIBB partner.

Training units in automation are taking form.
28th of March 2012 at Optima in Finland.


Assignment for the teachers

After the meeting it was necessary for all VET providers to continue working with their unit. But all teachers found it necessary to meet up once more with the other teachers. In June 2012 teachers and the Work Package Leader Debbie van Iersel met up in Spain to discuss each others proposals.

The project has now four units that we will put the finishing touch to after the summer holidays. The next step will be to elaborate with an assessment grid, i.e. how to judge the students result after the have completed a unit.

And, of course, we look forward to testing the first unit with our students in Spain in September.