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Swiss trade organization has published news about EURIAC

Article about EURIAC - published in the magazin of fmPro on 21 April 2013. Reference of the article: fmpro-service (2013) No 2, page 15 and 16

The Industry magazine fmPro in Switzerland has published an article about the results of the market analysis made in the EURIAC project.
fmPro is a Swiss Association for facility management and industrial maintenance. It is the largest trade organization within this field in Switzerland.

The article, which was published the 21st of April 2013, describes the market analysis made in the beginning of the EURIAC project. An inquiry was then sent out to several Industry sectors and one of the conclusions was that all workers in operation and maintenance need a certain amount of competence in automation. The message from Industry management was that competence in automation is a requirement today in order for European industry to maintain its position as a high-quality industrial player in the global arena.


Read more about the market analysis: http://www.euriac.eu/News/Market%20analysis%20first%20results/Marketanalysis-first-result.html
Read the article (in German) in our down load section: http://www.euriac.eu/Downloads/Publication_MA_Automation_2013.pdf
Read the market analysis in our down load section: http://www.euriac.eu/downloads.html

VET teacher Kenneth Karlsson, EURIAC, showing a field of importance; automation.


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