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Interim report approved

Much has been accomplished and achieved since the EURIAC project kicked-off in October 2011. As a result, the Swedish National Agency financing the project approved the interim report in mid January, 2013. Here are some of many positive statements about the project from the National Agency:

“The project is proceeding according to the work programme & no bigger adjustments have been necessary during the first project year.”

“The partners are all involved & dedicated to the project process & results. They know each other from previous project & this constitutes a major advantage for the project. Consortium has the knowledge that is required for producing the desired outcome.”

“All partners have been active in dissemination & exploitation activities & have taken part in many different occasions presenting the project & the results to come.”

“There are no concerns at this stage that the results
will not be achieved.”

- We have really come far and accomplished a lot. We should be really proud of ourselves. I know there were some voices at the beginning of the project saying it would be a great challenge to achieve the project objectives within the time scope. However, it’s all thanks to our dedicated and competent partnership. Along the way we have made experiences that have made us want to push further and deepen our understanding of matters such as ECVET and the challenges of European vocational education. I also think we all saw that we gained useful experiences from participating in the project, so everybody has been motivated to contribute to the project progress and results, Pernilla Öhberg, EURIAC project manager, explains.

However, the project still has five months to go. There is still work to be done. This is just the beginning of the end…

If you want to know more, please contact:

Pernilla Öhberg
Elof Lindälvs gymnasium, Sweden

Andréas Mårtensson
Kungsbacka kommun, Sweden