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EURIAC at the World Maintenance Forum

The conference World Maintenance Forum took place in Lugano, Switzerland.

The two industrial representatives in the EURIAC project presented in September 2013 the EURIAC project at the World Maintenance Forum, Lugano, Switzerland.

Their presentation had the ambition to inform how VET providers can create teaching so that the students/participants become employable. By making a joint presentation with four other projects they created added value where EURIAC was an important part of the total picture.

Development projects like the EURIAC project are tricky to the industrial market. The results from these kinds of projects are important but a little too specific for industrial managers. Therefore, under an umbrella of recent Leonardo da Vinci projects, the industrial partners in the EURIAC project created a summary of a number of related innovative EU funded projects within maintenance showing how they together make a complete system covering the competence needs to a total educational solution including quality assurance measures of the results. From the overview of technology development and the skills needs this development generates, adapted training can be organized and the results can be quality assured by validation. This complete system view was presented to the maintenance industry at the World Maintenance Forum in Switzerland in September, 2013. The response from the industry was very positive.

By bringing the Leonardo da Vinci projects VocTrainMaint, EURIAC, Pile Up, ValidMaint, and VEMT within maintenance together this way, make them understandable and acceptable by industrial leaders since they together make it possible to follow the process and show the benefits of each step. The EURIAC project results provide important parts of the total solution, but alone the industry regard it as being too school-oriented. 

From the industry's point of view, the most important results from two years of educational development work in the EURIAC project, is the way to handle actual VET units and the method of describing learning outcomes to create a common “language” between vocational teachers in Europe.

The industry thinks that the EURIAC project has created a model and results that may be used in other projects. It shows that national curricula must be adapted to work tasks of the industry. Vocational teacher’s pedagogical platform must be close to the industry requirements. Existing ways to work in vocational schools must adapt to the rapid technology development. Quality assured VET in line with European industry skills needs is the only way for European industry to keep up the competition on the global market.


Opening of the conference by the chairman Dr. Emanuele Carpanzano, SUPSI, Switzerland.


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