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EURIAC mobility 2013-2015: Ready, Steady, GO!

Optima, the Best Vocational Upper Secondary Education and Training school in Finland 2009, 2011, 2012 and 2013, wants to continue with student mobility with the other partners in the EURIAC project. Here VET teacher Christian Dahlin, Optima.

The European Class concept developed within the EURIAC project providing students in industrial automation transparent and recognisable international learning opportunities is now ready to be used for organising mobility in new projects. All the project results are available at the EURIAC website and support VET providers in setting up their own European Class in industrial automation. The project results may also be used for inspiration and guidance to VET providers in other sectors interested in using ECVET to create transparent and recognizable VET opportunities.

The EURIAC concept is already in use in the LdV partnership project EAPP recently kicked-off involving VET providers in Sweden, Italy, and Denmark as well as Swedish representatives from the German Bosch industry.

Moreover, three of the previous four VET providers involved in the EURIAC project are now ready to sign a new Memorandum of Understanding for the subsequent two years of mobility cooperation providing EURIAC education and training.

- We discovered two weeks were too short a period to cover a complete EURIAC unit of learning outcomes. It depends on how you organise the training, Kenneth Karlsson, Swedish VET teacher in EURIAC, explains. The EURIAC units are not just about knowledge. Training for skills and competences requires a different approach to teaching and assessment and that requires more time than ordinary instruction-based teaching.

Students who participated in the EURIAC test mobilities also pointed out they would have appreciated a longer mobility period since it takes time to settle in and get accustomed to the new surroundings and learning context. Moreover, they also stated that they would have liked to have some work placement in accordance with the unit of learning outcomes.

The first European class will be organised at Optima in Jakobstad, Finland, in January, 2014. The second one in Breda, the Netherlands, in March, 2014, and the final one at Elof Lindälvs gymnasium in Kungsbacka, Sweden, in May, 2014. Hopefully, Politeknika Ikastegia Txorierri (ES) will be able to join the partnership the second year of the project if they receive mobility funding.

- In parallel to organising the European classes, we'll of course continue our discussions on how to carry out the training and assessment within the European class. There are still many intriguing questions left to talk about. I feel we are just at the beginning of a long and interesting journey together. Having the opportunity to discuss matters such as how to teach, train, and assess competences with colleagues from other VET systems in Europe has really made me discover new horizons, Kenneth Karlsson concludes.

Kenneth Karlsson, VET teacher, enjoys being with his students and to keep developing the classes of automation. Here with David and Fredrik.

For further information, please contact:

Andréas Mårtensson
Kungsbacka kommun, Sweden
Telephone: +46 300 834199

Pernilla Öhberg
Elof Lindälvs gymnasium, Sweden
Telephone: +46 709 921035