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Questionnaire about the industry’s skills needs in automation

During November and December 2011, the EURIAC project is sending out a questionnaire to the industry. The aim is to identify the industry’s future and present skills needs in automation.

The questionnaire is sent out to the industry throughout Europe. Automation is used by at least 35 different trades of industry; paper industry and vehicle industry being two examples.

The result will be used in the EURIAC project when designing a European educational module in automation. Students in industrial vocational education and training will, later on in the project, have the opportunity to take part of this new international training scheme.  

EURIAC has already received answers from a number of companies and one the answering managers adds to his questionnaire that “the requirements are very high for automation people and it is very difficult to find qualified personnel in automation”.

Guido Walt
Guido Walt, Wear Management
Responsible for Market Analysis
in the EURIAC project

For more information please contact:

Ingemar Andréason, UTEK AB, Sweden
Telephone: +46 21 415043
E-mail: ingemar@andreason.nu

Guido Walt, Wear Management, Switzerland
Telephone: +41 21 7010513
E-mail: guido.walt@wear-management.ch