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Swedish College wants to test EURIACs units

The EURIAC project has developed four educational units in industrial automation. The Swedish technical college GTG (Gothenburg Technical College) in Gothenburg has now decided that they would like to use the EURIAC concept to set up a new consortium to continue the verification and development of the European Class in automation.  They are planning to apply for funding for a Leonardo da Vinci partnership by the 21th of February 2013. Together with a number of European partners they aim to test the functionality of the units of learning outcomes developed in EURIAC.
-  It would be very exciting to put the units into the hands of our teachers in automation, says Gisela Bohlin, International Coordinator at GTG.

She sees many positive potential effects of testing and implementing the EURIAC concept. The partnership project will have a direct effect on the teachers and the students since they will be highly involved. This kind of EU-project is an updating of skills for not only the students but also the teachers.


Robot work at Gothenburg Technical College

It is valuable that they throughout the project will get a joint increased knowledge of automation in Europe along with international experience, continues Gisela Bohlin. And it goes hand in hand with the management’s aim at GTG is to increase the level of internationalisation in everyday life at the school.

Gisela Bohlin is a member of the Swedish ECVET expert team and she appreciates that the EURIAC units are based on achievable skills, competence and knowledge in accordance with ECVET.

-  ECVET is a tool which enables us to communicate in Europe on education. It is a common language. I have greeted many international trainees and it is always very difficult to understand what they have learned so far and thereby what kind of tasks they will be able to manage while doing their training here. And ECVET will also make it easier for us to communicate with the Industry.

GTG has sent many students abroad on shorter internship, but mainly to enterprises. Now, sending them to another school, where they can study and get a certificate of what they have learned is new to GTG and the students. Gisela is looking forward to seeing how the EURIAC units are handled by the involved teachers, what the students think of leaving Sweden to study in another country and how the mobility exchanges work out in reality. To learn more one of their teachers in automation participated in the recent EURIAC mobility carried out in Finland to study the EURIAC concept in practice.

-  If we succeed with the application, it will be such a pleasant project, testing these interesting products developed by the EURAIC project, Gisela Bohlin finishes.

If you want to know more about GTG’s partnership project, please contact:
Gisela Bohlin, GTG, Sweden
Phone: + 46 (0) 31 7603430   
E-mail: Gisela.Bohlin@gtg.se