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Elof Lindälvs gymnasium

SE - SWEDEN Vocational or technical secondary school (EDU-SCHVoc)
Elof Lindälvs gymnasium is a modern upper secondary school (1500 students, 152 employees), centrally situated in the town of Kungsbacka, Sweden.

There is a large number of programs to be found in the fields of technical/vocational, economic, scientifical and creative arts education. Regardless of what direction of study a student chooses there is ample scope for individual choice and personal inclination.

It’s a school ideally equipped to answer to the demands of society today and tomorrow, combining resources, competence and quality in the form of both material requirements and dedicated and highly qualified teachers.

The vocational programs are operated in collaboration with local, national and international business partners.

International co-operation forms part of the school curriculum, e.g. collaboration with England, France, Italy, Spain and Germany.

In the EURIAC project the vocational programs of Electricity and Energy and Industrial Technology will be involved.

Elof Lindälvs Gymnasium will participate in the development work of the following work packages:
WP 1: Project Management & Coordination
WP 2: Market Analysis
WP 3: Mutual Trust Process
WP 4: Planning & Organising the Mobility
WP 5: Technical Modules

Elof Lindälvs Gymnasium will act as the project leader of the project on behalf of Kungsbacka municipality and lead the steering group and deliver information and documents for the interim and final reports.

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