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Kungsbacka Kommun/municipality

SE - SWEDEN Public authority (regional) (PUB-REG)
The Division for Upper Secondary School and Adult Education in Kungsbacka Municipality is responsible for two upper secondary schools (in total 3000 students age 16-19 years), municipal adult education (approximately 2000 full time students), Art School, Study Guidance for the whole of the Municipality and Employment activities. Total number of employees is approximately 500.

A strategic issue for our political committee is to increase international cooperation. Increased international cooperation will help us reach our national mission. We want to continue making it possible for our vocational students to get international training and practice abroad. Staff's involvement in international cooperation will also broaden their competences and help them develop in their profession.

The division has a broad experience from international cooperation and has been involved in different projects within the Lifelong Learning Programme both as Lead Partner and participant.

The division will be the Lead Partner and responsible for project coordination in this project. This includes responsibility for writing the interim and final reports as well as responsibility for the budget. The division will also take the lead of work package 8 - valorization and support the project with a communication coordinator and a financial coordinator responsible for financial issues.

Representatives from the division will also be involved in some work packages as participants. The Division of Upper Secondary School and Adult Education is one of the organisations in Sweden who have most experience and knowledge of how to implement ECVET in existing VET.

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