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Optima Samkommun

FI - FINLAND Vocational or technical secondary school (EDU-SCHVoc)
As a vocational upper secondary education and training school Optima provides 3-year study programmes which lead to vocational qualifications. Vocational study programmes consist of 120 credits. Optima has about 1200 students that participate in the 3-year study programmes.

Optima also provides vocational adult education and training and has about 400 students that participate in these programmes. In Optima we have 18 different programmes from 9 different fields of education.

One of these fields is technology, communications and transport. In this field we have training programmes in electrical engineering and we provide training in automation technology. The subjects in this training programme are pneumatics and electropneumatics, hydraulics and electrohydraulics, proportional hydraulics, mechanic, pneumatic and electric assembling, programming systems, industrial networks, motordrives and robotics.

Optima's aims are to process our own training methods. The EURIAC-project will give possibilities to create international contacts in learning and to learn from other´s experiences. EURIAC will also create opportunities of international training for our students and promote mobility in vocational education due to the aims of ECVET.

In the EURIAC project Optima is responsible for WP3 Mutual Trust Process.

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