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Welcome to the Downloads section. Throughout the EURIAC project we will produce a number of documents and information products and when they are done they will be available for download here. For a list of planned products, please see the Project deliveries section.

We may also include documents from our partners and the conferences we take part of.

Final conference - Documentation

>> Invitation and Program EURIAC Final conference

>> ECVET in Europe

>> Swedish ECVET process

>> How to design learning outcomes

>> Erasmus+

>> How to organize international mobility

>> EURIAC results

>> Students’ newsletter from final conference


WP1 Project management and coordination

>> EURIAC template for time reporting


WP2 Market Analysis

>> Questionnaire market

>> Market analysis

>> Market analysis report

>> Market analysis press release EN

>> Market analysis press release DE

>> Mehr Kompetenz in Automation – MarktAnalyse DE


WP3 Mutual Trust Process

>> EURIAC Memorandum of Understanding


>> EURIAC Learning Agreement


WP4 Planning & Organising the Mobility

>> Checklist for Mobility

>> Global Mobility Plan

>> Leaflets for mobility Spain

>> Leaflets for mobility Sweden

>> Leaflets for mobility Netherlands

>> Leaflets for mobility Finland

>> Mobility Agenda Finland

>> Mobility Agenda Netherlands

>> Mobility Agenda Sweden

>> Mobility Agenda Spain

>> EURIAC Student Application

>> EURIAC Student Assignment


WP5 Technical Modules

>> EURIAC Units of Learning Outcomes

>> EURIAC Units of Learning Outcomes with Assessment grids - Unit A

>> EURIAC Units of Learning Outcomes with Assessment grids - Unit B

>> EURIAC Units of Learning Outcomes with Assessment grids - Unit C

>> EURIAC Units of Learning Outcomes with Assessment grids - Unit D

>> EURIAC Units of Learning Outcomes in Spanish

>> EURIAC Units of Learning Outcomes in German

>> How to Create a Unit of Learning Outcomes for Mobility - the EURIAC Way


WP6 Recognition Process

>> Framework for Implementing EURIAC

>> ValidMaint in EURIAC


WP7 Cooperative evaluation - Quality assurance

EURIAC Template Open Questions Group Discussion

EURIAC Template Receiving Organisations

EURIAC Template Students

Template Evaluation Meetings EURIAC

Guidelines Quality Assurance EURIAC

Template Road map EURIAC

Template Feedback EURIAC Units EN

Template Feedback EURIAC Units DE


WP8 Valorisation

>> Mehr Kompetenz in Automation – MarktAnalyse DE

>> WDP Heft 146 Implementing ECVET: crediting, recognition and transfer of learning outcomes between European target stipulations and national System conditions EN

>> WDP Heft 145 Implementing ECVET: Anrechnung, Anerkennung und Transfer von Lernergebnissen zwischen europäischer Zielvorgabe und nationalen Systembedingungen DE

>> ECVET Glossary

>> EURIAC Brochure

>> EURIAC Newsletter1 January 2012

>> EURIAC Newsletter2 October 2012

>> EURIAC Newsletter3 May 2013

>> EURIAC Newsletter Final 2013


Other useful products to support ECVET implementation

From the Credchem project: Guidelines for describing units of learning outcomes; ECVET as a Vehicle for Better Mobility? Moving from Recommendation to Practice

From the INtheMC project: Internationalisation Guide for Teachers in Vocational Education and Training

From the EASYMetal project: ECVET Opportunities Companies EN

From the Enlargement, employment and Vocational Education and Training (E2-VET) project: Glossary of Mechatronics (only in print on request)

From the Validation in Maintenance project: www.validmaint.eu