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Kungsbacka Kommun/Kungsbacka Municipality, Lead partner
Webpage: www.kungsbacka.se

  Kungsbacka Kommun logotype
Contact: Andreas Mårtensson
E-mail: andreas.martensson@kungsbacka.se

Kungsbacka municipality (KM) is the initiator of the project together with Elof Lindälvs Gymnasium (ELG) and was the lead partner of the ECT project.



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Elof Lindälvs gymnasium
Webpage: www.eloflindalvsgymnasium.se

  Elof Lindälvs gymnasium logotype
Contact: Pernilla Öhberg
E-mail: pernilla.ohberg@kungsbacka.se

Elof Lindälvs gymnasium is one of the most experienced ECVET practitioners in Sweden. The school is ideally situated close to the city centre and the railway/bus station making it ideal for students close by or throughout the region.



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Webpage: www.utek.se

  logotyp UTEK
Contact: Ingemar Andréason
E-mail: ingemar@andreason.nu

UTEK is the Swedish National Maintenance Society and member of the training committee of EFNMS. UTEK is engaged in competence development programmes within reliability and maintenance. Through its society, UTEK is connected to some 100 000 maintenance professionals in Sweden and has several years of experience as lead partner and project coordinator of projects within the Lifelong Learning Programme.



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Bundesinstitut für Berufsbildung/BIBB
Webpage: www.bibb.de

  logotyp BIBB
Contact: Christiane Eberhardt
E-mail: eberhardt@bibb.de
BIBB is a national and international centre of excellence for research on IVET and CVET and the progressive development of VET in Germany and has thorough experience of European transnational projects.  


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Optima Samkommun
Webpage: www.optimaedu.fi

  logotyp Optima
Contact: Anna Kotka-Bystedt
E-mail: anna.kotka@optimaedu.fi
Optima is the most renowned training centre in Finland and has been awarded several times. They successfully deliver VET in collaboration with the Finnish industry.  


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Politeknika Ikastegia Txorierri, S Coop. Ltda

  logotyp Txorierri
Contact: Anabel Menica
E-mail: anamenica@gmail.com
Txorierri in Spain is a member of the HETEL organization including twenty-two vocational training schools that offers VET in close cooperation with 218 companies. All of them have experience of LLP projects and/or transnational cooperation.  


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The Netherlands

ROC West Brabant
Webpage:www.rocwb.nl / www.rocabroad.nl

  logotyp ROC
Contact: Debbie van Iersel
E-mail: d.vaniersel@rocwb.nl

ROC West-Brabant  is a holding of 8 colleges of vocational education and training in the South of the Netherlands. The ROC aims to be a school for high quality education for all students, irrespective of their age, background or social position.




One of their colleges, Radius College, is highly involved in the EURIAC project.  

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Wear Management

Contact: Guido Theodor Walt
E-mail: guido.walt@wear-management.ch
Wear-Management (WM) is an experienced organization in maintenance VET in Switzerland. 1992, Guido Walt, as President MFS, initiated, implemented and supervised training and education of maintenance technicians in Switzerland. WM has been involved in training and the production of textbooks in collaboration with the industry and vocational schools and is now involved in the process of defining standards of the ICO for maintenance electricians (EQF 4), maintenance mechanics (EQF 4), maintenance technician (EQF 5), and maintenance engineers (EQF 6 & 7).  


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